Cyprus is located right at the crossroads of Africa, Asia and Europe, and its history has experienced the many influences of different cultures through the passage of time. This is considered to be one of the many reasons to explore Cyprus. Because of its strategic location and membership status of the European Union (EU), Cyprus is also emerging as a very popular study destination for International Students. Universities in Cyprus are committed in maintaining and developing international standards of excellence in teaching and research at both undergraduate and graduate levels. Cyprus with its unique multicultural background provides an ideal hub for intellectual and cultural environment to flourish. No wonder why scholars of diverse nationalities and cultures freely meet and exchange information and ideas, while continuing to learn in an atmosphere that’s exciting, experimental and richly nourished by the quest for research, Cyprus is also a favorite study destination because the standard of its high education comes at an affordable price. Educational qualifications gained from Cyprus are highly recognized worldwide, especially in the field of Tourism and Management.

Scholarships facility: Covers up to 40% of tuition fees and these Scholarships are available to all International Students, further reducing the cost of already affordable quality education. Multicultural learning environment providing many opportunities for students to combine education, work and pleasure
No IELTS/TOEFL is required. Entry visas are issued in advance and getting a visa for studying in Cyprus is not a problem. The level of education and infrastructure facilities matches those of the UK and as per European Standards. Credit hours can be transferred to other EU countries, US and Canada. It hosts a safe and friendly environment with crime ratio less than 1%. Cyprus has several Official Languages such as Turkish and Greek. But English is also widely spoken as the country was a former British Colony. In fact, English is also the language of instruction in many of the Higher Education Institutes in Cyprus, especially in the private sector. Cypriot Culture and Cuisine