Germany is a higher education paradise. Unlike in any other country, in Germany you will find many worldwide ranked universities, countless courses to choose among, globally valued degrees that promise a high employability to you and affordable living costs.
Numerous German universities offer prestigious degree programs in business, sciences, and humanities, entirely in English.  So, why not consider studying web development in Berlin or design thinking in Munich.
The German Academic Exchange Service (DAAD) is another great resource geared extensive information meant to make transferring your studies to Germany as easy as possible.


Germany continues to be the driving force behind the European Union’s economy. As a leading economic power, it’s not hard to imagine that opportunities are abound to find work. If companies such as BMW, Siemens, Adidas, or Bosch sound familiar, then you’ve already been introduced to the excellence that German industry has to offer.
Study programs at German universities are modern in terms of their structure and the way they’re delivered to students. They’re designed to meet up the most up-to-date scientific developments running out in the world and educate individuals who can confidently face global challenges.
Your degree issued from a German university is a highly respected and valued qualification all over the world. As an indication of this, German graduates enjoy a high employability in the global job market.

Admissions & Process

Study Abroad process consist on two different steps i.e. Admission & Successful Visa. Admission process require academic eligibility of applicant and visa process require all basic and supporting documents. German Universities, students are required to score required band in IELTS or should have minimum B1 in German language course. Sometimes visa interview can be deceptive as you may not be aware of what visa officer expects to hear from you. It is life changing opportunity so consulting our professionally trained mentors is suggested for admission and visa. Our stats show that we have highest success rate due to involvement of multiple trained counsellors at different levels of process.


Freie Universität Berlin  
Humboldt-Universität Zu Berlin 
Technische Universität Berlin

Bad Honnef

IUBH University of Applied Sciences


GISMA Business School


Universität Hamburg


Technische Universität München
Ludwig-Maximilians-Universität München


KIT – Karlsruher Institut Für Technologie

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    Work Rights During Study

    Germany is a great place to work as an international student. You may choose to work while you are studying. This can be an option to earn extra spending money and get a taste of the local culture. Here are a few things to remember:

    The students are permitted to work for 20 hours per week in University days and there is no limit on the number of hours an international student can work during vacations.

    You will get at least a minimum rate of €9.35 to €12 per hour no matter what job you do.

    You will find support every step of your journey as a student worker. Help is always available from government and private organisations as well as your education provider.

    Post Study Work Rights

    Germany continues to have demand for foreign workers, and students that have earned a degree in Germany have a special work visa category.

    Successful applicants on this route will be able to stay and work, or look for work in Germany for a period of Visa.

    There are also several other visa categories open to international students. If you want to stay and work after you graduate, you must apply and obtain a work visa.

    Scholarship Opportunities

    German education providers regularly offer scholarships to qualifying international students, based on academic merit. Consult with the admissions team or international office at the provider you are applying to for further advice and information.

    Documents Checklist

    • Passport
    • Photograph
    • All Academic Documents
    • Percentage Equivalence letter
    • Valid IELTS/ TOEFL score Or English Proficiency Letter
    • Personal Statement / Essay / SOP
    • Sufficient funds


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