A member of the G8 and G20 groups, the U.K. has the sixth largest economy in the world by purchasing power and among the top three in Europe, second only to the U.S. as a study destination for students from all around the world.

The British lifestyle provides opportunities to experience a wide range of live theater, museums, art galleries, historical towns and buildings. The mode of transportation in most parts of the UK is Bus or Train. The cost of living in UK can vary noticeably from £120–£240 a week depending on the location. London is the famous capital and it is approximately 25% more expensive than other places in the U.K.

Fees for international students studying in the U.K. can range from £4,000–£18,000 an year depending on the institution, level, and type of course. In addition, tuition fee is comparatively lower than that of other countries.

Studying in the UK proposes an immense opportunity to advance your knowledge of the English language which is a fundamental skill if you are considering to enter the international business world. One main reason in support of UK education is that duration of programs in the UK are shorter as compare to all other countries. Accelerated Bachelor’s Degree is of 2 years & Honors degree in 3-years and Post Graduate Degree can be completed in 1 year only, as a result it saves both time and money.